Announcing a Brief Hiatus…

Hello readers,

I’ll be traveling from tomorrow to the 27th, so I’ll be on hiatus. In April, look for the following posts:

-What’s so horrible about autism, anyway? (in honor of Autism Awareness Month)

-How PWDs can and should enjoy fun, nostalgic “childish” things without being pigeonholed as perpetual children (a quick fun post since I love nostalgic stuff)

-More posts on disability and the faith community, in the tradition of last year’s April posts. (Possible topics: how PWDs who struggle for independence, financial and otherwise, should deal with the church’s teaching that autonomy can lead to pride and disrespect for God; how PWDs can respond gracefully to flawed and outdated theology and language; PWDs and the idea that disability is a gift/singles them out for “special kingdom work.”)

-Dealing with the Disability Superpower myth (the inverse of, “You’re brave for walking down the block.”)

And more as the year goes on… 🙂



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