Announcing a New Series for Back to School Month

Hi readers,

I will be going on vacation later this week, and by the time I get back, July will be over. This heralds August, AKA Back to School month. Throughout my tenure as a blogger, I’ve always tried to make this month one in which we focus on how disability impacts the school experience, or one in which we learn new things.

This year will be no different. I’m announcing a brand new series for August, one in which I’ll be writing about the basic facts of some common disabilities. Purposes of this series include:

-Educating both PWDs and the temporarily able-bodied population about disabilities they may encounter or may have seen, but don’t have and don’t know much about.

-Dispelling some common myths about specific disabilities rather than disability in general.

-Encouraging both PWDs and TAB individuals to get to know and interact with various disability communities.

-Driving home the message that all PWDs can have positive quality of life if given what they need most, which often is less about therapy and services than it is about knowing them as whole people.

-Raising awareness of just how common specific disabilities actually are, in the hopes awareness will lead to acceptance.


Expect to see posts on well-known disabilities such as:

-Cerebral palsy


-Down Syndrome


Also expect to see posts and information regarding prevalent but lesser known disabilities and conditions such as:

-Fragile X syndrome

-Muscular dystrophy

-Spina bifida

Will mental disorders such as bipolar disorder be covered: I’m not sure. I tend to try to categorize these separately because of people who assume mental/cognitive disability is the same as mental illness. However, I may provide information to a point, or I may save these for another series.

Will facial deformities/physical disorders such as Treacher Collins syndrome be covered: Not right now. Although the effects of these can lead to certain handicaps or disabilities, I wouldn’t consider them classical disabilities. However, I am thinking about doing some posts based on what I’ll call “non-classical” disabilities such as these.

Can I ask you to post about a certain disability: Yes, please do!

See you soon, readers–bring your school supplies! 🙂



    1. And in Australia it is discussed in terms of Indigenous Australians.

      Australia had alcohol introduced to it in a violent and hostile way.

      A lot of white kids have it too.

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